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We are a family run dog agility club based at Barton's Hill Riding School (Near Nailsworth, Gloucs). At the moment we meet up on a Monday evening and a Friday evening and our aim is for you and your dog to have fun by reward basis, i.e. Toys or treats or just your enthusiasm to train your dog.

About Agility

The aim of agility training is most importantly to have fun. It is also based on stimulating your dogs mind. Walking a dog is often not enough as they are more intelligent than we think (sometimes too intelligent for their own good!). Agility training builds a bond between you and your dog which is rewarding for both parties.

What is agilty training for a new beginner? It consists of jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact points. With this in mind it needs control from you and your dog. Once you get to a comfortable level you can start to compete if you like (although this doesn't suit everyone). Agility has become very popular over the last few years and is the 2nd most up and coming sport at the moment.

If at any point now or in the future you do wish to enter competitions with your dog, Kennel Club and UKA run competitions up and down the country. Ask Julie for any information you need and she will happily point you in the right direction.

What to bring and what clothes to wear

Toys and treats are advisable to bring with you, if your dog likes treats (and who's doesn't!) then treats like cheese, liver, dog biscuits or sausages will suffice.Toys can also be used as rewards, tuggies, balls etc. Anything that your dog likes and would see as a reward. Please do not bring any sqeaky toys as this is unfair on the other dogs (and owners!).

It is advisable to bring layers of warm clothing during the winter months, but as you start running around you will soon warm up. Sensible footwear such as good running shoes or similar that you feel comfortable in are advisable.

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